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Gom Player

Even though the Internet is home to nearly any media of interest, regardless of content, quality is superior when media files are played using a proper application. Gom Player is one of them and comes equipped with a handful of features that assure you it means business.Visually appealing and easy to useUpon installation, be advised that unless carefully going through each step, you might end up with a different homepage for your default web browser. The process finishes in a matter of seconds, unveiling a simple, yet intuitive and pretty interface. You may anytime change the default skin from the 'Preferences' menu.
One of the most useful aspects in terms of visuals, is that you can carefully place the main window on the desktop due to its sticky borders that get a grip of other windows as well. The same can be said for the playlist and control panel, which can be pinned to the player and moved along as a whole.
Organize files into playlistsIn order to be a veritable media player, an application shouldn't be missing some basic features. Gom Player makes no exception, one of the most important being a playlist manager. It is brought up in a separate window and desired items can easily be dragged over it. Moreover, you are also able to import existing playlists in case you only want to change your default multimedia application.
Enhance video and soundFurthermore, the application puts a small, but powerful control panel at your disposal with which your overall audio and video experience is enhanced. A 12-band equalizer makes sure sound reaches your ears clean, offering you a decent variety of presets, but also the possibility to save custom configurations.
In addition, you can adjust color sliders to correct any flaws in the image, as well as capture a specific frame you might want to use in other projects. Subtitles can be loaded for greater ease of access and positioned by adjusting several sliders.
To end withTaking everything into consideration, we can say that Gom Player certainly lives up to expectations, holding a seat at the table of giants. It lets you instantly accommodate due to the intuitive and design, while the amount of formats it can render leave nothing more to be desired, except popcorn to go with the movie.
Reviewed by Mircea Dragomir, last updated on October 22nd, 2014

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